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Anonymous asked:

was there a shooting on campus??


Yes there was. My thoughts go out to the victims and I hope they catch the ass holes who came onto our campus and did this (whether they are a current student or not).

But before you blow this up I ask that you think about this more. There’s a lot of important discussion happening on Facebook right now and I encourage you to read and participate. 

This shooting does not mean that York is unsafe. It does NOT give credibility (imo) that York is dangerous. This is an isolated incident, we still don’t have more details, and York is still considered statistically more safe than other university campuses in Toronto. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think it’s important to add to the discussion in an intelligent way. I don’t recommend going on twitter and calling York a ‘gangsta’ school like a bunch of other messages I’ve read. Use your opinions and thoughts to help shape this into a learning experience. Use your power as a student to help bring the changes you want to see (such as cctv in the student centre). 

Some links:



our past opinions

our past opinions

google news on incident

(also this is just my opinion, the other admins can add to this if they want to share theirs)



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